design management

Planned and controlled design process

In order that project budgets can be satisfied, programmes achieved, and designs properly co-ordinated and communicated, the design process needs to be planned and controlled. Problems can occur where there is missing information, poorly communicated information, inconsistencies between documentation, poor resource allocation, poor decision making due to inadequate information, and so on.
These difficulties have become more prevalent as buildings have become more technical, the range of products and materials has increased, standards and regulations have become more strict, and there are a greater number of specialist designers, particularly in the early stages of the design process.
design management

Design management is the process of managing design through the project lifecycle .

design management

Experience coordinating multi-disciplinary consultancy teams throughout the design stage

We have worked on a range of projects from small scale office refurbishments to large scale new build education and residential projects and have experience coordinating multi-disciplinary consultancy teams throughout the design stage.
Our role is to ensure that the scope of work for each member of the design team is clearly defined, documented and communicated to the rest of the team prior to any design work starting. As the design develops, we manage communication and information and liaise with the Client team to always guarantee that the design aligns with their expectations and meet their needs. This can involve supervising BIM management which we are very familiar with.

The design management is closely related to cost management which we also provide as part of our services, to ensure the scheme remains viable for the client.

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