building survey

Non-intrusive spatial scanning 

We undertake measured surveys of buildings and use this data to develop in-depth use and accommodation schedules.

We use innovative, non-intrusive space scanning technology to draw detailed floor plans of any type of built property, which can then be used to develop design and building works, to inform an energy balance study or as part of a facility or estate management audit, or to establish statutory documents such as a fire strategy or a set of compartmentation drawings.

For Education buildings, this can be essential to support capital funding bids, as we can advise on areas that may be under or over utilised. 

Education trusts and schools should do a measured survey if they are considering a capacity analysis, expansion or remodelling; if local authorities approached them to grow; if they are considering expanding the school through local investment; if they are concerned about a building’s capacity for growth; if they plan remodelling works or if they need accurate plans for future projects.

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