Salix Energy Efficiency Funding (SEEF)

Improving Energy Efficiency

Sustainability and energy efficiency are top priorities for every business. In the education sector SEEF has been created to help. It’s an interest-free, DFE approved loan, paid back through a school’s general annual grant (GAG). 
The loan repayments are based on the savings made on changing the way a site consumes power, for example replacing halogen lamps with LED lamps, adding light timers or upgrading heat pumps or boilers.
Over the past four years we have helped clients submit and then deliver more than 150 projects using the SEEF scheme, with average savings in electricity bills alone covering 80-85% of the loan. 
In addition, to this savings are made on maintenance costs, materials, access equipment, external contractors and the facility management team’s time.

We have a vast amount of experience supporting schools with the SEEF program and navigating it’s complexities, offering a tailored project management experience, depending on your needs and desired level of involvement.

feasability study

SEEF support options

  • Site survey to identify a scheme
  • Full survey to define the scheme
  • Prepare a SEEF bid
  • Submit the SEEF bid
  • Upon award, hold a site meeting with stakeholders and chosen supplier, to finalise scope, programme and contract
  • Full Project management support through to completion

Additional services

Following a SEEF award we can offer additional services to support your estate’s development as and when required:

  • Measured Surveys and Space Analysis
  • Master Planning and Feasibility Assessments
  • Free School Bidding Support
  • LA brokering for Section 106 and Expansion Funding
  • Site Disposal Support
  • Asset Leasing Advise
  • Other funding support
Free Consultation

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