sustainability and
decarbonisation strategy

Developing strategies to decarbonise estates and increase sustainability across an organisation



Our strategic approach helps organisations access funds that aid the financing and application of sustainable solutions. 
With funding secured we then help organisations understand, plan, design and deliver decarbonisation measures and sustainable practises ranging from energy audits, to BREEAM assessments and planning environmental education classes.

This study is formed of three main phases:



Surveying of the existing building fabric and condition of services; energy modelling and options reporting.



Modelling the building’s carbon expenditure using the industry leading dynamic simulation software IES Virtual Environment.


Options Reporting

Options reporting provides a series of options and recommendations as to the most cost-effective methods of reducing carbon at each site. The measures are wide ranging and can include; upgrading and replacing windows, replacing all compact fluorescent lighting with LED lighting paired with automatic sensors, installing solar photovoltaics or incorporating heat pump technology into the space heating systems.

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